RPP-logo.jpgDue to Mullican's commitment to leadership in our ever-changing industry, we have partnered with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to develop the Responsible Procurement Program for hardwoods (RPP). 

Mullican Flooring and the NWFA recognize the need to assure consumers that a flooring product is produced with care and concern for the environment. RPP has helped to provide this assurance by introducing the "U.S. Renewing Forests" label into the marketplace.

This label delivers a clear, two-fold message: 1) Hardwood growth exceeds loss and removal from our hardwood forests at the state level, based upon U.S. Forest Service data; and 2) Timber, logs and wood were not harvested from controversial sources, such as illegally logged or highly valued conservation areas, to produce this product. 

The U.S. Renewing Forests label solidifies the industry's position in domestic markets and better positions the industry in the global marketplace. 

Mullican Flooring's Responsible Procurement Policy

Mullican Flooring's Responsible Procurement Policy Certificate