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Job Details

Full Time
Johnson City, TN / Holland, NY / Norton, VA / Ronceverte, WV
June 1, 2016

Utility – Material Handling

Performs any combination of the following duties to facilitate cutting, finishing, storing, cleaning, and shipping of lumber or wood products. 

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Stacks lumber or wood products on floor or in bins or stacks to supply machine operations or assemblers to facilitate the production of 32,000 board feet of flooring a day or in the process production of 50,000 board feet of lumber on the yard or in the dry shed for storage or processing
  • Clears jammed material to permit the normal flow of lumber products along a conveyor or machine to maintain the required production levels
  • Straighten lumber/product to align product for grading, sawing, processing, or transferring to other conveyors to maintain the required production level
  • Cleans work area using a broom and shovel, requiring stooping, bending, lifting, climbing, and walking around, on, or over equipment
  • May pile lumber or product on trucks or pallets
  • May remove, dispose, and/or package off-fall
  • May operate lift truck to carry stacking sticks from plant to stacker building
  • Stands and steps back and forth, lifts waist high and places stacking sticks, 4 to 6 at a time 15 lbs., in the stacker slots on the lumber stack.  Stacker stacks 80,000 board feet of lumber a day
  • Lifts and places 4 x 4 blocks weighing 20 lbs., above the shoulder on stacked lumber
  • Assists in changing cutting heads and blades weighing up to 50 lbs., lifting them 4 feet off the ground and placing them in the machine
  • Assists in repairing the machine, lifting parts weighing from 1 to 50 lbs., at times overhead
  • May climb ladders to perform maintenance on the machines
  • Climbs steps to get to work station
  • Physical demand ranges from 1 to 5 lbs.- continually, and 5 to 25 lbs.- frequently.  40% to over 70% of the time
  • Will perform other duties as assigned 

Preference given to applicants with experience and/or consistent work history. 

About the Locations

Mullican Flooring’s headquarters is located in Johnson City, Tennessee, along with one of its four manufacturing plants, which employs approximately 300 people. All of Mullican’s American-made engineered flooring lines, as well as finishing lines for all of the company’s prefinished products, are produced at the Johnson City plant. Having appeared on a number of “Best Places” lists, Johnson City has a lower-than-average cost of living and no state income tax. The city’s commitment to downtown revitalization has resulted in a diverse music scene, delicious eateries, and a growing craft beer industry. The region is rich in culture and history, and offers a variety of year-round outdoor activities and close proximity to the Appalachian Trail.

Mullican Flooring’s Norton, Virginia, facility manufactures a portion of the company’s solid hardwood flooring products and employs approximately 175 people. As the smallest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Norton serves as a commercial hub to Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. Built on agriculture and lumber-related industries, Norton is also home to several educational institutions and medical facilities. The city offers an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, and close proximity to Guest River Gorge and Jefferson National Forest.

Mullican Flooring’s Ronceverte, West Virginia, facility manufactures a portion of the company’s solid hardwood flooring products and employs approximately 145 people. Rich in history and natural beauty, Ronceverte is a rural community nestled along the Allegheny Mountains. The region is home to numerous outdoor events, including food and art festivals, parades and musical performances.

Mullican Flooring’s Holland, New York, facility manufactures a portion of the company’s solid hardwood flooring products and employs more than 60 people. Home to just a few large farms and light industry, Holland’s landscapes have been recreated by numerous artists. Its small-town charm is a source of pride for Holland residents. In addition to various shops and eateries, the town is also home to a NASCAR racetrack and the longstanding annual tulip festival.

Why Mullican Flooring?

For more than 30 years, Mullican Flooring has been producing high-quality hardwood flooring using environmentally sound manufacturing practices. Ranked among the nation’s top five hardwood flooring manufacturers, Mullican Flooring produces solid and engineered products (finished and unfinished). All of the company’s solid flooring is produced in the United States, along with a substantial amount of engineered flooring.

In addition to its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Johnson City, Tennessee, Mullican Flooring has facilities in Norton, Virginia; Ronceverte, West Virginia; and Holland, New York. The company offers approximately 1,500 products through a network of 50 distributors and 5,000 retailers across the United States and Canada.


  • Competitive benefit package offerings including: 
  • Medical, dental, vision, life, short/long term disability, accident, and critical illness insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Vacation and sick time
  • Product discount programs.

Mullican Flooring is an Equal Opportunity Employer.